Luxury Menswear Contemporary Wardrobe

Only new man who dares to identify differently expressed the desire for distinction and therefore the natural tendence. Not more the dress and full strength but the new “dress” made of a new way of experiencing the break. Not only trivially in the colors but especially in mixtures of texture due to different times and places. And this is the identifying factor.

A real mixture of “tradition in contemporary“. This is the true claim of HOMAND. The new Leadership has certainly made by character and identity with the natural propensity for revolution based on established ideas of tradition. Just a way of dressing that combines the power of identity and history of a good and old plain texture with the ability to find the “mixing” is the new key of the natural characteristics of the Leader.

Not only social but also of the great master classic. Just a good quote in context is the test of true cultural depth. The need to know the future through the knowledge of the past makes a man a true leader. HOMAND is exactly the interpretation of this “balance”. Never too strictly essential and never too distinctly “colored“. For the “Made to Measure Experience” too.  

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