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HOMAND is the son of a new vision on menswear. A modern man, mature, caught and crossing age, secure values that naturally possesses. Who wants to express its essence only through a style of dress that is absolutely contemporary without losing the essence of its roots, the good tradition of luxury men’s tailoring understood as attention to detail, the rules of good fitting and above all attention to ‘essence of fabrics and raw materials’.

HOMAND was founded in 2010 by the experience of an extraordinary creative team lead by Andrea Gentiletti who was able to dictate the guidelines to offer this extraordinary project that not only values and brand, fabric and more colors, fitting and not just fit.

From the experience of Andrea Gentiletti in Branding and its Sociological Culture HOMAND draws all its natural innovation and revolution in the tradition.

HOMAND expresses its identity through the creation of a true wardrobe made of “objects” for a complete look each other perfectly harmonious and elegant. Identifiers but respectful of the identity of the new man who lives his full-time aspirations, interests and vitality and that does not give an aesthetic code due to the depth and seriousness of the good dress of the 40s and 50s but in a totally contemporary.

Only new man who dares to identify differently expressed the desire for distinction and therefore the natural trend the dress and full strength to the new “Dress” made of a new way of experiencing the break. Not only trivially in the colors but especially in Mixtures of Texture due to different times and places. And this is the identifying factor. A little as a new expressive figure of fashion. A real mixture of “tradition in Contemporary”. This is the true Claim of HOMAND to Leadership.

The new Leadership has certainly made character and identity with the natural propensity for revolution based on established ideas of tradition. Just a way of dressing that combines the power of identity and history of the united good of a time with the ability to find the “mixing” is the new key to the natural characteristics of the leader. Not only social but also of the great master classic. Just a good quote in context is the test of true cultural depth.

The need to know the future through the knowledge of the past makes a man a true leaderHOMAND is exactly the interpretation of this “balance”. Never too strictly essential and never too distinctly “colored”.

At the root of this desire to balance the trademark symbol HOMAND is the exact summary. A Celtic Symbol that combines in a single graphical expression of the two representations of the moon and sun. As opposed but which together are the natural balance.


Heritage Wardrobe for Contemporary Men
A Celtic Symbol for the project exclusively and completely Italian product by expert Italian craftsmen just means that the Celtic Culture had a strong contact, already more than 2000 years ago, with our deepest and best known Italian culture. Already Caesar Augustus came into contact with the Celtic Culture. Opposed to nature and culture but because of this are able to build one of the most effective cultures.

HOMAND proposed in the Fall Winter 2015/16 Collection and more precisely his vision that results in identifying a wardrobe but respectful of the natural identity. Jackets new cashmere ultralight weighing just 300 grams. Devoid of internal structure of abnormal tissue, totally natural.

The fabrics of the jackets HOMAND are all natural stretch thanks to a new texture that thanks to the strong ritortura confers a natural fexibility to the yarn in order to ensure the super natural comfort.

All fabrics are of Italian origin created in the oldest and best known textures of Biella.

Also in respect of its identity "fusion" found space in the collection of many Blends of fabric in order to give the best possible balance. So wool with silk. Silk and Cashmere. Winter Cotton with Cashmere.

The padded out HOMAND tradition in contemporary life. Contemporary performance in a "frame" traditional. This is the way that Andrea Gentiletti always want to be pursued.

Traditional pants favor built on contemporary fitting models. And pants made contemporary with the traditional rules of the pants.

Shirts made of traditional contemporary fabrics. Egyptians Precious Cottons in a new building flexible and comfortable. Cashmere coat for light from the light traditional flavor.

Shoes perfect men's wardrobe
. Two distinct but integrated design between them. Only the finest leathers and handcrafted construction for a shoes collection of great value consistent with the spirit HOMAND.

And This is the Law, the Main Policy HOMAND. Tradition with a Contemporary twist. But with the new rules, brave though they may seem at first glance mistaken.